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Computer Solutions For The Home

Ask yourself one question...

Now that the boxes are all opened how do I get this stuff to work?

Whether you buy a computer system on-line or at ones of those "Super Stores" you still need to know how to put this stuff together.   Do you think that nice salesperson will be able to help?   Sorry, not their department....

This is where PC Technology can help....


Whether you buy one of our pre-built systems or a custom system, we make sure it works before you leave.   That means things like the internet is setup, the software is loaded, and the printer is printing.   A simple idea that keeps customers happy.  Why haven't the other guys figure that out???






The new Windows 7 is here...(more)

Command AntiMalware
64 bit Now Available...(more)

- Command Antivirus
- Microsoft Updates
- Intel Processors
- Mozilla Firefox
- Adobe Reader
- Adobe Flash Player
- HP Support & Drivers
- Lenovo Support
- Google Search






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